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The Intellectual Property Fund

Negativland, manager

This is a stable and reliable fund with a diversity of risk, specifically tailored to the youth market, and all projects focus on copyright and trademark issues. The Intellectual Property Fund is managed by Negativland, who have an extensive history of activism against copyright abuses and are very strong cultural producers in their own right.

To workshop a project in The Intellectual Property Fund Forum, click on its JOIN button.
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0 workers
"Blockbuster edits the content of many of the videos they rent. Rent edited tapes and record the original versions onto them--the object being to get caught, so that Blockbuster presses charges (perhaps for vandalism)."
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0 workers
"Create and distribute a computer war-game in such a way that purchasers believe it is just another violent entertainment. The game-play must resemble that of a 'normal' war-game, but must unexpectedly and shockingly convey the connection of commercial video game technology to actual war."
Join a discussion list for project HFLM
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US$2000 workers
Done; released April 9. Visit Illegal Art to order. "At least $5,000 needed for the second Illegal Art/Seeland CD release that will take copyrighted music from Hollywood films and create new art without consent from the copyright holders. Funds will assist in the replication of the discs and the mass distribution of the discs to the public."
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0 workers
"Make a list of the copyright-holding companies represented on the Frankentoon page. Make another list of mutual funds which have investments in these corporations. Contact the managers of these funds and suggest to them that, because of the threat to these media corporations presented by this attack upon intellectual property, the media firms may no longer be good investments. Deliver the same message to people who invest in these mutual funds."
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US$125 workers
"Plant enticing pornographic videotapes in porn stores everywhere, with models such as (a super-well-hung) Ronald MacDonald, (a dementedly horny) Barbie, etc.--in other words, any trademark character which depends on its assumed virtue."
Join a discussion list for project WN95
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US$500 workers
to "alter the bootup splash screen of a popular computer operating system so that the logo of a rival company, or a rock, is displayed smashing through it instead. A worker in the assembly or testing departments of DELL, Gateway, Compaq, etc. could, after testing, overwrite the existing splash screen file with a new one, which can be provided by WTO/GATT upon request. A number of the computer/operating system must be sold thus, and it must be reported in the press."
Join a discussion list for project MP3S
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0 workers
"Create a web site that lets people select from a list of MP3s which MP3s they've 'stolen.' A form should allow them to write a little apology to the RIAA with their name and email; the script should then attach the selected MP3 and send it along with the apology."

Last updated:
10 February 2001
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