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The Biological Property Fund

Jacqueline A Stevens and Critical Art Ensemble, managers

The projects in this fund are aimed at corporations that scavenge the earth's biomes and human bodies for valuable genes, with only the most mercenary consideration for the long term social, health and environmental consequences of their actions. Some of these projects focus on the well-known dangers of letting corporations steer and shape scientific research. Other projects call attention to the way that biotechnology P.R. shifts public attention away from corporate damage to the environment and society by brandishing absurdly simplistic solutions, e.g. "better genes" that in fact only benefit corporations.

To workshop a project in The Biological Property Fund Forum, click on its JOIN button.
Join a discussion list for project LABL
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0 workers
"Add honest labels to food products in supermarkets across the country, stating 'Genetically altered to be tastier,' 'Genetically modified to be redder,' etc."
Join a discussion list for project DVRS
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0 workers
"We would like to develop a 'grassroots' seed repatriation program that will run, slowly but continuously, for as long as possible. The idea is to plant all manner of flora wherever project members go, regardless of how urban the surroundings. More urban settings are preferred, due to their high exposure. The primary focus of the repatriation will be ethnobotanicals of all kinds. For initial stages this would include (legal) hemps, herb and spice producing plants, annual flowers, and vegetables. $1000 is needed for minimal lab equipment to conduct more serious botanical research to develop strains better suited to city climates. A seed bank will be established that will consist entirely of heirloom seeds, from which anyone will be able to request, free of charge, any seed for their own local repatriation or research. A website will be maintained for the dissemination of information as the p.r. object continually evolves."
Join a discussion list for project RNDP
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0 workers
"Breed a strain of Round-Up ReadyTM pot. Plant in fields of Round-Up Ready crops."
Join a discussion list for project SMCP
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US$2000 workers
"Create a sophisticated, popular computer game that uses Artificial Life technology to genetically engineer corporations, showing how they evolve and compete with one another and with other biological entities, e.g. people. Game must be very entertaining and be widely distributed. Project is in the beginning stages of development; A-Life programmers (Java or C++) are currently needed." (Principal investors to date: Creative Time of New York, MECAD of Barcelona, Lion Goodman.)
Join a discussion list for project VIVE
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0 workers
"Human volunteers present themselves at labs where animal experiments are taking place, offering to change places with the animals. After all: you are a better test subject and model; You are the reason for the testing. If refused, alert the media, sue the laboratory for discrimination and misuse of taxpayer funds, perhaps change places with the animals overnight."
Join a discussion list for project MAGE
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0 workers
"Create an online fantasy role-playing game in which a corporation begins invading all aspects of the world like a virus invading a body; players must work together to defeat this menace."
Join a discussion list for project SEED
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0 workers
"Collect several hundred pounds of viable hemp (both psychoactive and not) and aerial broadcast these seeds over a large enough landmass to where profiteering or eradication become absolutely impossible. Alternately, do this with genetically modified, weedkiller-resistant weeds."
Join a discussion list for project BRBS
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0 workers
"Add warning labels to Barbie Dolls listing the dangers of liposuction, breast implants and plastic surgery. Mark up the price of the dolls, noting that the cost has been increased to compensate for the high cost of cosmetic surgery. Also note that due to the large number of surgical complications, the doll will include an exchange policy."
Join a discussion list for project MUTN
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0 workers
"Report mutant fruit and vegetable sightings to radio/TV stations. Authentic looking video and photographic documentation should also be provided."
Join a discussion list for project SMRT
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0 workers
"Leak to the media information about an industry funded research project being conducted at a prestigious university, developing smart drugs known as Eugene Pills that target so-called 'intelligence genes' to enhance IQ. The leaked story should state that the university plans to distribute the drug freely among its students to increase the university's competitiveness."
Join a discussion list for project LEGG
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0 funds
"Infiltrate sperm and egg banks with 'homosexual sperm and eggs,' by lying on the screening tests about sexual history and preferences. Report actions to media and include in reports a manifesto from the Queer Creationist Campaign (QCC) claiming you have succeeded in infiltrating heterosexual bodies all over the country with more highly evolved genomes in order to create new generations of a more perfect Queer race."

Last updated:
10 February 2001
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