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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WTO/GATT do?
WTO/GATT receives project ideas from internet users, then lists them (here). Each listed project has its own discussion list (linked from the project). When a project requires a bit of funding to be accomplished, sometimes investors will step up to the plate and offer their help. Even more often, people will offer non-financial help or feedback.

How do I suggest a project?
You can post a project idea in the New Projects Workshop, where it may receive some feedback before being posted. Alternately, you may send us your project idea directly.

How do I fund a project?
Find a project or "mutual fund" that interests you (here), then write to us.

How do I help with a project?
Visit its discussion list (linked from the project); if it seems to you that your skills could be useful, post a message saying so. You will automatically be subscribed to the project, and will receive mail about it. (You can also sign up for a project without posting a message, or sign up for all projects in a particular Mutual Fund all at once.)

I've signed up for too many lists, and am getting way too much mail. What can I do?
You can use your mail program's "filter" to divert all WTO/GATT list messages into a special folder, where you can read them at your leisure.

Alternately, our webmaster can unsubscribe you completely from all lists (or you can do so yourself if you have a user name and password).

How can I help children learn about issues important to WTO/GATT?
Download one of our Working Tactics posters, print it as large as you can, and post it around your school.

How is WTO/GATT defined, in legal terms?
WTO/GATT is a brokerage that benefits from "limited liability" just like any other corporation; using this principle, WTO/GATT supports the sabotage (informative alteration) of corporate products, from dolls and children's learning tools to electronic action games, by channelling funds from investors to workers for specific projects grouped into "mutual funds."

So WTO/GATT is just a corporation?
WTO/GATT is indeed just a corporation, and benefits from corporate protections, but unlike other corporations, its "bottom line" is to improve culture, rather than its own pocketbook; it seeks cultural profit, not financial.

Say that again?
Just as ordinary corporations are solely and entirely machines to increase their shareholders' wealth (often to the detriment of culture and life) so WTO/GATT is a machine to improve its shareholders' culture and life (sometimes to the detriment of corporate wealth).

Why do you call them "mutual funds"?
Project groupings called "mutual funds" perform much the same function as their financial counterparts: by facilitating investment based on general areas of interest, they allow investors to participate in unpredictable behavior without fully Real Ameritrade(tm) banner, very slightly alteredunderstanding its nature or consequences. They are also called "mutual funds" in order to call attention to one way in which large numbers of people are led to falsely identify corporate needs as their own.

How can I become involved in this WTO/GATT?
On our site you can find current WTO/GATT projects, as well as a few past successes. For those interested in investing in WTO/GATT itself, materials for publication and broadcast are available as well.

How can I submit a project?
Visit our new projects workshop, or just write to us.

Does WTO/GATT have any ultimate goals?
WTO/GATT is always searching for solutions that go beyond public relations. Read some thoughts in progress....

Where does WTO/GATT draw the line on what it will do in order to achieve cultural profit?
Unlike corporations, which have absolutely no limits to what they will do in order to bolster their financial profits, WTO/GATT will never promote a project that is likely to result in physical harm to humans. That is WTO/GATT's only ethical compunction. WTO/GATT also has pragmatic, bottom-line limits - supporting DoS attacks these days might well be counterproductive, destruction of physical property is likely to get one branded a terrorist, and other excessively illegal behaviors are also likely to be problematic - but these are shifting, and can change with the times and laws.

Should I be reading this at work?
Because your time is owned by your employer, it can legally study your web browsing habits, e-mail correspondence, etc.
     On the other hand, because that entity is legally a person, and you have not bought its time, you have no right to abuse its privacy. If you do, no matter what horrific abuses you discover it is committing against the public good, you will be fined or fired or worse.
     Isn't it funny that corporations have the right to privacy, and you don't?

Corporations can move a lot more easily than people can. If you limit corporate rights in one place, they can just pick up and move--leaving untold numbers of people out of work. You propose limiting corporate rights. Do you propose it should be done everywhere at once?
Solutions to enormous, systemic problems are never simple.

How do I invest in WTO/GATT?
Write to invest@rtmark.com.

As a college student, I am dispirited by my future options. I am sure I will be sucked into the corporate void. What can I do?
As you pursue a direction you find vital and interesting, it is possible it will lead you into corporate work. If this happens, it is indeed likely you will at some point in the future be presented with some fairly forceful reasons to trust the corporate version of history, or even the corporate version of you. (It may for example become difficult to keep working while seeing your work environment for what it is.) We believe that performing an WTO/GATT project can help you, psychologically at least, at such a difficult juncture; but more importantly, we urge you to at all costs remember that laws should defend human people, not corporate people like the one of which you will be a part. If you keep this in mind and work towards making it a reality, you may find your life much more bearable.

Last updated:
10 February 2001
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