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The Health Fund

This fund contains projects that concentrate on human health and welfare, with a special focus on the health care industry. The fund managers are actively seeking projects that highlight adequate healthcare as a basic human right.

To workshop a project in The Health Fund Forum, click on its JOIN button.
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"Alcohol manufacturers have long sponsored alcoholism among gays, and have encouraged the near-monopolization of gay culture by bars. At a gay event sponsored by an alcohol manufacturer, dress as a representative of the sponsoring corporation, wear a big sign saying e.g. 'Coors loves gays', and as a corporate public service distribute useful alcohol-related information, e.g. ways to alleviate immediate effects of alcohol poisoning while awaiting an ambulance, how to arrange your insurance policy so that likely eventual liver damage will be properly covered, chemical ways to counter momentary or chronic impotence brought on by alcohol use, etc."
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"We would like to use domains like mentalillness.com and braindisease.com to protest the profiteering of the mental health industry, and to reveal the damaging trauma often caused by the treatment itself. We are especially interested in emphasizing the social and family violence precursors to mental illness, and in protesting diagnosis of problems in living--or even bad behavior--as brain diseases that need commercial treatment."
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"A worker in the Cracker Jack factory should introduce some new 'funny facts' comics into the cracker jack packages. Example: 'Frito-Lay, Cracker Jack's parent company, was responsible for the destruction of endangered Prairie Dog habitat in Mexico' or 'Cracker Jacks, also known as "junk food", cause obesity in laboratory rats!'"
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0 workers
"Design and make available for download anti-cigarette stickers that look like product callouts like 'Now with even more benzene!' or 'Kills even faster!' or 'Powerful teeth-yellowing formula!'"
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0 workers
"Set up a website, or brochures purporting to advertise a corporate hospital, specifically to treat patients affected by ailments caused by said corporations. (For example, the McDonalds Ward for BSE)."
Join a discussion list for project DNAC
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0 funds
"Create a web site / e-commerce venture that copyrights DNA. Since this is not allowed in the US, do it legitimately in some other nation. Customers should receive not only documentation on their copyrights, but a nice 3-D picture of their DNA, suitable for framing."
Join a discussion list for project SLAU
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0 workers
"I will take graphic slaughterhouse photographic imagery and screen-print it onto fine, white linen tablecloths. From a distance, these cloths will appear lush and floral-like (creamy whites and vibrant reds). Upon closer inspection, however viewers will identify graphic slaughterhouse scenes. Restaurant workers needed to place these tablecloths on tables and record diners reactions."
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0 workers
"Place plastic figurines or Beanie Babies of slaughtered cows in Happy Meals. Could highlight the problems surrounding genetically altered foods: perhaps the toys could be two-headed cattle or mutated calves."
Join a discussion list for project SLGH
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US$750 workers
"Substitute copies of a video documenting slaughterhouse techniques or similar material for a porn video produced by any of the largest porn studios, especially those that don't follow safe-sex guidelines. Alternately, intersperse clips of such a video in the product. Other alterations may be considered as well."
Join a discussion list for project TOXC
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0 workers
"Taint cereal boxes by inserting 'Danger! Radioactive!' caution tape and a warning to contact the EPA to determine if the cereal was grown with 'fertilizer originating from the Lowry Superfund site in Colorado.' The consumer is also instructed to report the tainted cereal to CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. (Colorado will have the distinction of growing crops in its own radionucleide-tainted 'bio-solids' from the Lowry Bombing Range Superfund site very soon.)"
Join a discussion list for project CIGS
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US$120 workers
"Devise coupon stickers for free packs of cigarettes and glue them onto boxes of children's cereal (or other products) manufactured by tobacco companies. Do this in such a way as to obtain wide coverage in the media for the fact that some tobacco companies are also trying to sell to children noxious or unhealthy products other than cigarettes." (Click here for one design example.)
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0 workers
"Produce a documentary linking the increasingly harsh realities of the American workplace and economy to the rise in mental illness within the American population. Perhaps compare with European rates; perhaps also discuss 'official' corporate solutions--Prozac etc.--within this context. Film must be scheduled as part of a major regional film festival."
Join a discussion list for project NOMO
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0 workers
"Attend the opening of an art exhibition funded by Phillip Morris, or any tobacco giant. Wear formal attire and a nametag identifying you as a company promotions rep. Distribute cigarettes. This can either be done wholesale, by handing out entire packs, or by circulating with a silver tray of loose cigarettes and a zippo."
Join a discussion list for project APPL
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US$200 workers
"Alter many boxes of 'Apple Jacks' and other children's cereals so that they read 'Rectal Puckers', etc.--to comment on the absurdity of implicit content claims. The boxes must be nearly indistinguishable from the unaltered item, and the media must report on it extensively."

Last updated:
10 February 2001
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