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10 January 2004
TRO launches board game aimed at U.S. regime change

In an effort to involve larger numbers of citizens in the discovery process that will lead to U.S. regime change, the Trade Regulation Organization has issued an educational board game called "Try 'em."

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In April 2003, the TRO determined that the U.S. governing regime was no longer consistent with world peace or prosperity. At that time, it issued a card deck in the hopes of paving the way to regime change and, eventually, large-scale war crimes proceedings.

Now, in the hopes of accelerating this process, the TRO is issuing a brand new card deck along with a game that can be played in groups of two or more, and whose aims are:

  1. to help citizens become better acquainted with the many exciting domestic and foreign events that surfaced briefly in the news before or during the Iraq war, only to disappear quickly; and

  2. to help citizens better understand the complex interrelationships between the various personalities and entities who orchestrated and executed the war and are right now planning its aftermath, both at home and abroad.

Try 'em has been produced in a public/private partnership between the TRO and an advocacy group called The Yes Men.





Vice President; Halliburton (J-H) ex-CEO
Strongly pressured CIA to come up with evidence of WMDs, Iraq-al Qaeda (2-C, 3-C) links–when that failed, he helped create OSP (10-D) to “cherry-pick” data
Founded PNAC in 1997 (see K-S, A-D, 6-D, 7-S, 3-S) to push for strike on Iraq, etc. (cf. A-H, 9-H; see also Q-S)



ExxonMobil CEO
Iraq nationalized Exxon, Mobil oilfields in 1973 (and took leadin OPEC oil embargo that prompted Nixon attack plans; see 2-C); many see these and later (9-H) industry losses as root of war #2 Bush 2000 industry donor (see 4-H)
Enjoys judicial immunity in Iraq (see Q-H)



Secretary of Homeland Security
Imprisoned, deported 1000s of Muslims after 9/11–none charged as terrorist
Has imprisoned economic refugees for long periods as “security strain” under USA PATRIOT Act
Oversees chemical and other attacks on political protest in U.S. (e.g. 5-H, 6-H)



President, Commander-in-Chief
Arbusto oil, Spectrum 7 oil ex-CEO
Texas Rangers ex-owner (see 7-C)
Carefully vague speechwritingconvinced public of fictive Hussein-9/11 (2-C) links
Restarted “mininuke” weapons program
Gave oil firms (e.g. Q-H) blanketjudicial immunity in Iraq

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